Court Supervision

To Request Court Supervision

You must appear at the Scott County Courthouse on the date and time on your ticket to do so, or contact the State’s Attorney’s office in advance.  The total fine and court costs (minimum total $332.50) must be paid in full on or before your court date.  PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO THE STATE’S ATTORNEY’S OFFICE TO RECEIVE THE NECESSARY INFORMATION.

If You Are Under 21

If you are under 21 years of age, are an Illinois licensed driver, and are requesting court supervision, see the Graduated Driver’s Program for requirements specific to you.

If You Are a CDL Driver

ATTN: CDL DRIVERS – The supervision information discussed on this page does NOT apply to CDL drivers, whether you were driving a commercial motor vehicle at the time you were cited or not.  If you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) then you will not benefit from receiving court supervision.  You are urged to consult with a private attorney to determine the best course of action for your particular situation.

What is Court Supervision?

Court supervision is a possible disposition in some traffic and misdemeanor cases at the court’s discretion.  If you are a licensed driver from a state other than Illinois you are responsible for verifying the effect that supervision will have on your driving record.

A disposition of Court Supervision means that there will not be a conviction entered on your driving record, called a driver’s abstract in Illinois.  A disposition of supervision is not a conviction of a moving violation that would incur sanctions against your driver’s license.  You are responsible for verifying the effect supervision will have on your auto insurance rates.

A plea of guilty is required when requesting court supervision.  When court supervision is granted by the court, the offender must strictly adhere to its terms and pay the required fine.  Supervision may be revoked by the court for failure to abide by its terms.