About Us

The office of the Scott County State’s Attorney is charged with the responsibility and authority to investigate and prosecute crimes in Scott County. In every criminal prosecution brought before the Scott County Circuit Court this office represents “The People of the State of Illinois.” As the elected State’s Attorney of Scott County, I have committed myself to upholding the laws and the Constitution of the State of Illinois. In all cases, the objective of the Office has been, and continues to be, the administration of justice.  That objective requires that this office look at the unique facts and circumstances of each case and, without passion or prejudice, ensure that a just outcome is had for all, including the defendant.  The preservation of the rights that we as citizens enjoy is of the utmost importance to this office and that includes the right to a fair trial in front of an impartial finder of fact, and the right to be free from unlawful arrest.

“Since 2008 my office has maintained an “open door” policy and strives each day to maintain contact with the public by returning phone calls, meeting in person, or corresponding by email.  Stop by.  Let me see what I can do for you.” – Mike Hill


Michael L. Hill, State’s Attorney

Judy Lakin, Legal Assistant